Entertainment Caricature Artist in St. Louis

Jazz Dancer

Hermione Granger


It's about fun, fun and more fun. With almost forty years of experience drawing caricatures at parties in and around the St. Louis metro area Bill is uniquely qualified to provide exciting entertainment and a lasting memento that will be cherished forever.

We offer THREE packages:

1. Traditional Party Caricatures black & white head  only, no action cartoon, 20 to 24 quality caricatures per hr. drawn on 11" X 14"
card stock paper with pen and ink and placed in a clear plastic sleeve.

2. Traditional Party Caricatures black & white head  with an action cartoon, 
12 to 15 quality caricatures per hr. drawn on 11" X 14" card stock paper with pen and ink and placed in a clear plastic sleeve.

3. Digital party caricatures done on site.  Approximately  8 full color  4" X 6" caricatures printed on site, mounted in a 1" black mat, placed in a clear plastic sleeve,  attached to a black lanyard so you can wear your caricature proudly for all to see. These caricatures can have a digital  theme like Harry Potter characters or  a sport or hobby for a small extra charge, or just head only .

Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood

Head Only